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Pursuit of Beauty: Breast Augmentation
By :Rena Graham

Improving ones self is a natural desire of every individual. The need to look better is a subconscious longing to boost self esteem and changing the way you look will always have an effect on how you feel about your body and yourself.

Breasts have always been associated with femininity and are sometimes used to measure how sexy the woman is. Though not everyone prefers big boobs, many women are pressured to have bigger or fuller breasts. And despite all these, you need to ask yourself, is breast augmentation for me?

Evaluate your reasons
It is very normal to feel indefinite about going through a boob job. The risk of breast augmentation will always be at the back of your head and for sure, you will think of the worse. This is why evaluating your reasons for going under the knife is very significant.
Some go through for breast augmentation to correct congenital chest deformities or after having gone through mastectomy while some opt to do it to boost their confidence. This includes the issue of aging, sagging of breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy and the number reason is that they are not satisfied with the size. These are the internal factors.
External factors also can greatly affect your decision. The pressure can come from your man, friends and even society, which is known to dictate the standard of what is normal.
You need to remember that it is your body. You will be the one to go through the procedure and so you only need to base your decision to whatever you feel and know is right for you. No one should be able to force and dictate you to do something that you don't want.

Ask Questions
Before making this big decision, make sure that you have evaluated the pros and cons and the risks it may involved; short term or long term. Ask all the questions and make sure that you get the right answers. Do your research. Though information on the internet can be overwhelming, there are articles and credible sites that you can check that will really help. It would also be good to asks anyone you know that have had breast augmentation done.

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