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Breast Augmentation and Beauty Contests
By :A Aaronson

Beauty pageant contestants are in heavy competition with other local or global lovelies. They are being judged, after all, on their beauty. Many pageants include other criteria to judge the contestants, as well, such as poise, talent and public speaking ability. The main thrust behind the contests, however, is physical beauty. Some of the most popular pageants include the statewide contests, such as Miss New York, the national contest of Miss U.S.A. and the globally inclusive competition of Miss Universe. There are many city, county and regional contests, as well.

There is some debate over whether the competition should be based on only natural characteristics of the women, or if recipients of plastic surgery procedures should be allowed to compete. The arguments for natural-all-the-way think that cosmetically altered faces and physiques should not be allowed. But the proponents argue convincingly for the other side of the coin. It's widely accepted that women use hair dye and styling products, make up their faces with foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Even those that don't surgically alter their figures have had tricks of the trades for years, including duck-taped cleavage, girdles and even chicken breasts taped into their swimsuit brassieres. Why not plastic surgery, then? With such natural looking results achieved through today's cosmetic surgical techniques, it would be nearly impossible to tell genetic beauty from cosmetic beauty.

A recent Miss California contest winner had her breast implants paid for by the pageant's officials before competing in the upcoming Miss U.S.A. contest. The administrators responsible for the decision to finance the breast augmentation defended their choice, stating that they were trying to support their state's representative in order for her to be the best that she could be.

There have been contests in Europe and Asia specifically designed for those who have had cosmetic procedures performed. These pageants celebrate the wonderfully advanced technology of plastic surgery. The contestants have had rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and more and they advertise the fact. Of course, these procedures have also been performed on the traditional contestants, as well. The difference is that the operations in the traditional contests are not discussed quite as openly since they are considered to be part of a person's private medical history.

A breast augmentation is performed by a plastic surgeon by inserting implants filled with either saline or silicone into the breast. Implants come in various sizes, shapes and textures. Whether a person is a contestant or just the woman next door, augmentation can improve their figure and enhance their self esteem.

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